Craig Dobbins – 5-String Banjo Styles For 6-String Guitar

Craig Dobbins - 5-String Banjo Styles For 6-String Guitar

Mar 27, 2023

Craig Dobbins 5-String Banjo Styles For 6-String Guitar PDF. This book/CD set presents six complete songs and 19 licks and patterns (in both standard and open G tuning) in the styles of banjoists Earl Scruggs and Allen Shelton, and guitarists Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed. (Also included is the 3-finger roll tour de force Strike It Rich by 2001 Winfield Fingerstyle Guitar Champion Richard Smith.) Written in standard notation and tablature, with fingerings, chord diagrams, and performance notes; a discography is included for further listening.
The companion CD includes performances of all the songs, and the licks and patterns are demonstrated both slowly and up to tempo. For intermediate to advanced level guitarists.
The material in this book is not for beginners (but it's not impossible either). You will need to spend some time practicing this stuff. It will not jump off the page and into your fingers unless you are willing to get into it and do some work.
This book provides many useful examples and complete tunes of borrowed banjo techniques for us guitarists to employ. Some are in open tunings, and some standard. Definitely worthwhile for anyone wanting to explore and develop these techniques. Many of the greats like Chet Atkins did!!
You dive straight into Musical pieces and then the exercises are at the end. They are mostly licks as well like Jerry Reed licks, there are no scale exercises Banjo style for example in C or G or Mixolydian. Great for the Skilled to Advanced player but daunting to get into the style for beginners.


  • Weeping Willow
  • Lonesome Road Blues
  • Old Joe Clark
  • Lily Of The Valley
  • Hang Loose
  • Strike it Rich
  • Licks and Patterns
  • 19 Exercises
  • Discography

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 48 pages

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