Clint Strong Mastering Jazz Licks

Clint Strong - Mastering Jazz Licks

Nov 4, 2022

Clint Strong Mastering Jazz Licks download free. Clint demonstrates how he "thinks" while improvising over a standard chord progression using extended and altered chord substitutions. He also teaches many incredible jazz lines for II-V-1 and I-VI-II-V progressions. The guy is a beast and the video is about combining jazz and country. He played with Merle Haggard for quite a while. Unbelievable jazz guitar player. This video is just fun to watch how amazing this man is!
Clint Strong is a legend in texas and no doubt one of the greatest and most influential guitar players of his generation. Widely known for his remarkable technique, ideas, and musical vocabulary, his influence upon the musical styles of country, jazz, western swing, and bebop music stand unprecedented.
Clint is also a gifted teacher who has helped further the musical careers of many musicians over the years. In addition to teaching private lessons, and a successful instructional video "mastering jazz licks", he has taught numerous classes and workshops on jazz, at many colleges and universities locally as well as across the us.

Language: English
Year: 1993
Country: USA
Running time: 01:27:53
Quality: VHSRip
Video: XviD 320x240; 29.971 fps; 1098 kbps
Audio: Mp3 2ch  44100 Hz, 128 kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 700 Mb

Clint Strong - Mastering Jazz Licks
Clint Strong - Mastering Jazz Licks
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9 comments on “Clint Strong - Mastering Jazz Licks”

  1. great for all jazz cats not only for guitar players! FASTRINGS you have my eternal respect.

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