Chris Standring – Play What You Hear. Jazz Guitar Course

Chris Standring - Play What You Hear. Jazz Guitar Course

Feb 13, 2023

Chris Standring Play What You Hear. Jazz Guitar Course PDF. Discover how to play melodies, absolutely anywhere on the guitar fretboard, without even having to look at the guitar neck! Recognize sounds against simple and complex harmonies. Learn quickly how to avoid wrong notes and stress strong sounds. Discover fretboard harmony so you can "see" things that you have not seen before. Learn melodic patterns relating to all chords, in all positions and in all keys.
Discover a simple system to learn all the most advanced jazz chords without having to learn 6 billion shapes. Learn a whole new vocabulary and have enough instruction to last you the next 15 years, I guarantee! And much more... In this course you will learn about:

  • Melody
  • The major scale and its use
  • Variations on the major scale/simple melodic patterns
  • The diatonic scale - analysis
  • Diatonic sounds and their relative chords
  • Seeing is conceiving (visualizing harmony)
  • More melodic patterns
  • Diatonic sounds through moving key centers
  • Harmony
  • Embellishing chordal accompaniment
  • Voice leading and chordal accompaniment
  • Playing over changes
  • The linear method and changes
  • Stepwise resolution: bebop
  • b9 resolutions
  • The diminished scale and linear exercises
  • Diminished patterns for dominant b9 chords
  • More b9 resolutions
  • The back-cycling turnaround
  • b9 resolutions for back-cycling
  • The relative minor turnaround
  • The melodic minor scale and b5 resolutions
  • Melodic minor patterns for dominant b5 chords
  • b5 resolutions
  • #5#9 resolutions
  • The blues scale
  • Recognizing triads
  • Phrase development
  • Motifs, themes and variations
  • Sequential 2, 5 resolutions
  • Tritone substitution
  • Sequential tritone resolutions
  • And now to the music - example jazz standard sequences

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 188 pages

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  1. GREAT!!Thanks a lot Faststrings!!Jazz Guitar for ever 🙂

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