Chris Keller Vocal Lessons

Chris Keller - Vocal Lessons

Feb 22, 2024

Chris Keller Vocal Lessons download. Rock your high mix with a simple phone call. Chris has the rare ability to have complete control over his high mix enabling him to sing any genre in just about any key. He specializes in pop, rock, and Broadway. He is currently the lead singer in the New Jersey based band, JennyJump! and works with many singers performing in Broadway shows and touring bands. He has a B.M. from Middle Tennessee State University and currently resides in New York City where he coaches and produces vocals.
As a vocal coach, Chris re-constructs your voice from the ground up by working on simple sounds, relaxation and the relation singing has to speaking. This creates a fine balance that gives you the ultimate control over your vocals to increase your range, tone quality, volume, and sing longer. Chris also teaches his unique approach that creates more commercial and artistic singing. There's a fine line between being a vocalist and being a singer, Chris knows how to separate the two and when to use each to your benefit. His voice is truly amazing and he can demonstrate anything he is teaching. Lessons:
1. Air Flow. Chris Keller is in the studio with special guest, Abby Kelly. Abby has a good and powerful voice naturally, but needs some refinement to take it to the next level. Chris gives Abby some exercises that will help control her air flow, keeping her voice consistent and smoothly connected.
2. Applying Technique In A Song. Chris is in the studio with local artist, Joseph Baer. Joseph is getting ready for a cruise ship gig, and needs some last minute tips. This lesson deals with one the most discussed topics in singing, applying technique in your songs. Chris takes Joseph through some simple exercises that will give him more connection, and strengthen his high notes. The before and after difference is amazing!
3. Basics Of Commercial Singing. This lesson features local artist, Jimmy Charles. Jimmy has a good voice naturally, but wants to find that unique quality that many great recording artists have. Chris shows Jimmy some of the basic exercises to find and strengthen his mix, and get that commercial sound he's looking for.
4. Developing A Powerful Voice. Elisas come a long way in her vocal journey, but her voice is still lacking power. Chris gives some key exercises to help strengthen her voice and give her that powerful sound shes been searching for.
5. Dude I Just Wanna Rock. In this lesson Chris Keller teaches Will Kennedy, lead singer for the band Sixty To Zero. This is Wills first vocal lesson ever, especially with this technique. Chris walks Will through the basics of finding his mix, and how to properly warm up. Wills music is very aggressive and demanding, so he needs to be able to perform to the fullest every night. Chris shows Will the importance of having good vocal technique, and how to use it to get the most out of his voice.
6. Finding Great Commercial Tone. Chris Keller has brought his long time friend, Chris Tarpley, to the studio to show that even a great voice can still improve. They both work through some basic exercises that can really open up the voice and add that commercial tone that you hear on the radio. This lesson focuses on commercial tone; what it is, why you want it, and how to get it.
7. Mixing Head And Chest Voice. Chris is in the studio with local artist, Trista Wheaton. Trista is a long time student and has built a strong head and chest voice, but she wants to be able to go from one to the other seamlessly. Chris gives some exercises to help Trista build a stronger mix, allowing her to sing with more power and freedom.
8. Refine Your Artistry
9. Singing After A Cold. Recovering from a cold is one of the hardest things for a singer to do. Chris talks about some of the positive aspects of rebuilding your voice after being sick.
10. Style For Any Song.
11. Tone Quality For The Beginner Voice
12. Turning Falsetto Into Power Mix
13. Vocal Balance. Chris is in the studio talking about vocal balance. He talks about the importance of finding balance and how to maintain that balance.

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