Charli Persip How Not To Play Drums PDF

Charli Persip - How Not To Play Drums

Aug 25, 2021

Charli Persip How Not To Play Drums PDF. From Tadd Dameron through Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Eckstine, Cannonball Adderly and Benny Golson, to his own 17-piece "Supersound" big band, Charli Persip has been one of the most in-demand drummers in all of jazz, as well as in the pop genre. A textbook example of how to play the drums, Persip has proven his worth in a wide variety of ensembles and handled the transitions from one group to the next without missing a beat.
Learn from his experiences and share some of his insights in this practical, down-to-earth text. Newly revised and expanded to include "The Warm-Up Exercise," this book for all musicians and music lovers is loaded with playing tips, great advice and anecdotes.
Throughout this highly unusual yet useful book, Mr Persip displays the knowledge gained by being one of the most in-demand players of the New York jazz scene.
In a variety of chapters, each dedicated to tackling one particular musical issue, Mr Persip distributes sound, accessible advice for the working drummer, or anyone wishing to make music with his drumset for that matter. As the title indicates, concentration is not on drumming, but on what surrounds drumming in a musical context and in everyday life, with very little space alotted to the rudimental practice of the instrument.
Chapters include sections on the history of the instrument, its placement within the rhythm section, practice, sight-reading, keeping in shape, drumset maintenance, accompanying and listening and time (among others). Advice is handed over to the reader in a down-to-earth fashion, and tips become instantly applicable to playing in groups, rehearsing and the like.
A solid read for anyone wishing to enhance one's vision of the drumset though sound and logic advice, aiming only to enhance one's musical presence on the most ancient of jazz instruments.
Charlie Persip, who played a lot of good drums with Dizzy Gillespie, sonny Rollins, Eric Dolphy and in his own Big band wrote an excellent book on drumming with a lot of good advice and marvelous exercises. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to deepen his understanding of playing drums and study with effective condensed rudimental drumming that involves four limbs.

Format: PDF, 58 pages

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