Charley Wilcoxon The All-American Drummer PDF

Charley Wilcoxon - The All-American Drummer

Jun 15, 2023

Charley Wilcoxon The All-American Drummer PDF. 150 rudimental solos. This is an excellent reading challenge for the intermediate drummer who can play their rudiments at 80 to 120 B.P.M. It teaches the drum set musician the possibilities for musical combinations that include the rudiments. All of the great players use these combinations to build their unique stylistic feels. Asking a student to faithfully and accurately play these etudes will garner the student a great deal of facility.
Anything by Mr. Wilcoxon is a very good investment for a serious drummer. Short, potent solos that can be put together in a longer form.

Format: PDF, 92 pages

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