Chad Johnson Big Book Of Backing Tracks PDF

Chad Johnson - Big Book Of Backing Tracks

Nov 18, 2021

Chad Johnson Big Book Of Backing Tracks PDF. 200 High-Quality Play-Along Tracks in All Styles. Hone your lead chops and practice your favorite licks with this vast collection of tracks in blues, jazz, rock, country, and other styles! This package includes professional full-band audio tracks for all 200 examples in the book over which you can practice your latest and greatest licks, and the USB flash drive and online audio include audio demos of every single track. The audio tracks range from approximately one minute (for the short progressions) to four minutes or more (for the full-length "song" progressions), and numerous styles, keys, and tempos are covered to make sure you're well-versed in practically every style. Ten hours of audio tracks in all! The book also includes multiple scale options for each chord progression; music theory primer; fretboard diagrams; chord symbols and Roman numeral harmonic analysis; and more! Whether you're a rocker, a jazzer, a bluesman, or a bluegrasser, the Big Book of Backing Tracks has plenty for you.
Great book for practicing your lead guitar work there are chord progressions ranging from short to long. Simple to complex. Rock, country, jazz...
This is a great book that is worth every penny. There is a wide selection of genres represented. While some of the progressions are a bit simplistic (1 or 2 chords over and over), everyone will find scores of tracks that will work for them. This is an excellent way to explore and apply scales and licks w/out having to be with your teacher or buddy backing you up (although it is certainly fun to play these tracks with others!) A super useful feature is that in the book it tells you which scales best with each particular track and it also gives you alternative scales to try as well. Super awesome for those of us who are sometimes unsure where a scale "fits."

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 112 pages

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