Carole Bigler Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces PDF

Carole Bigler - Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces Volume 1 - 4

Oct 7, 2020

Carole Bigler Everybody's Perfect Masterpieces Volume 1, 2, 3, 4 PDF. Graded piano recital repertoire in four volumes, edited by Carole Bigler and Valery Lloyd-Watts. Each volume includes a rich selection of the works of the greatest masters from all eras. Book 1 repertoire is sequenced so that it would range from Levels 1-3 of piano methods. To develop a love of classical music, students need to be exposed to it as early as possible exposure to greatness develops an appetite for greatness. These CDs contain special attention to phrasing, dynamics, style and musical sensitivity.

Songs include:

  • Allegretto, Op. 117, No. 5 Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Allegretto In D Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Allegro In C Composed by Alexander Reinagle
  • Bagatelle In F Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk
  • Bagatelle In G Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk
  • Children's Song Composed by Louis Kohler
  • Dance Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Etude In C Composed by Ferdinand Beyer
  • Etude In G Composed by Louis Kohler
  • Fanfare, Op. 117, No. 8 Composed by Cornelius Gurlitt
  • March In C Composed by Daniel Gottlob Turk
  • Meldoy, Op. 39, No. 1 Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky
  • Scherzo, Op. 39, No. 12, From "twenty-four Pieces" Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky
  • The Shepherd Pipes Composed by Tat'iana Salutrinskaya
  • A Song Composed by Anton Diabelli
  • Andante Performed by Johann Christian Bach
  • Andante, Op. 599, No. 12 Performed by Carl Czerny
  • Arioso Performed by Daniel Gottlieb Turk
  • The Bear Performed by Vladimir Rebikov
  • Etude In C Performed by Albert Biehl
  • Fanfare Minuet Performed by William Duncombe
  • Little Song Performed by Christian Gottloob Neffe
  • Marching, Op. 39, No. 3 Performed by Dmitri Kabalevksy
  • Minuet 1, K. 6 Performed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • A Pleasant Morning, Op. 36, No. 1 Performed by Jean Louis Streabbog
  • Ballade [op. 100, No. 15] Composed by Johann Freidrich Burgmüller
  • Bouree Additional credits Leopold Mozart
  • Burleske Additional credits Leopold Mozart
  • Ecossaise Composed by Franz Schubert
  • German Dance Composed by Franz Joseph Haydn
  • Lesson In C [op. 125, No. 10] Composed by Anton Diabelli
  • Prelude In C Major [bwv 924a] Composed by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Stucken [op. 68, No. 5] Composed by Robert Schumann
  • The Little Beggar [op. 123, No. 2] Composed by Alexander Gretchaninov
  • Etude [op. 27, No. 3] Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky
  • Five Happy Variations On A Russian Folk Song [op. 51, No. 1] Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky
  • March In G Major [bwv Anh. 124] Additional credits Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  • Prelude In A Major [op. 28, No. 7] Composed by Frédéric Chopin
  • Scherzo Additional credits Carl Maria Von Weber
  • Solfeggietto Additional credits Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
  • Sonatina In C Major Additional credits Albert Biehl
  • Spinning Song [op. 14] Additional credits Albert Ellmenreich
  • Toccatina [op. 27, No. 7] Composed by Dmitri Kabalevsky

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Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 72 pages

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  1. This book with a collection of piano scores is really excellent. Very well organized in volumes and works of progressive difficulty. I am grateful to FastStrings for releasing this book.

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    Excellent material for those who want to develop on the piano
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  3. Thanks a lot, I really need to improve my skills. You are awesome, faststrings is alive!!!

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