Carl Verheyen Improvising Without Scales PDF

Carl Verheyen - Improvising Without Scales

Dec 15, 2021

Carl Verheyen Improvising Without Scales PDF. The Intervallic Guitar System of Carl Verheyen. In this remarkable book, Carl Verheyen teaches his philosophy and techniques for improvising. Rather than hashing out scales, Carl teaches how to play lines with strong melodic content. By approaching melodies through intervals and chord qualities, infinite lines can be generated. Carl stresses the importance of collecting lines that can be used in improvised settings. These lines and examples will provide outstanding material for any guitarist yearning for melodic ideas and inspiration. Presented in standard notation and tab.
If you are looking for some new guitar lines to play when soloing , this book will deliver the goods. Carl is a master of the guitar and once you begin to really hear his examples (audio tracks are provided), your guitar playing will improve.
This book is not for beginners & you really should know your major & minor pentatonic scales and the major scale well be before you start to tackle the examples in this book.
You might want to pick up a few of his CD's so that you can hear some of these examples in action.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 33 pages

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