Buzz Feiten Funky Rhythm Guitar

Buzz Feiten - Funky Rhythm Guitar

Apr 16, 2020

Buzz Feiten Funky Rhythm Guitar download. Watch, Listen and learn as Buzz Feiten breaks down funky rhythm guitar into three major components - the right-hand "engine,' the melody, and the chord voicing - while he teaches grooves in five different styles. Hendrix/Mayfield double stop, chicken pickin'/New Orleans, James Brown, fusion samba, and Cornell Dupree. The DVD features a PDF file with transcriptions of the musical examples for additional help.
The cover suggests that it teaches the rhythm styles of Hendrix, Curtis Mayfield, Cornell Dupree, and the guitarists on the James Brown records. This is true if you realize that Buzzy's style was influenced by all of the above, but if you are looking to learn licks specifically associated with those players this isn't the DVD.  Instead of teaching you to parrot licks we have all heard, he teaches you the principles of putting together rhythm parts - much more useful. If you want to play better rhythm guitar you need this Buzz fan or not.
Buzzy Feiten - one of the greatest guitarists to ever pick up the instrument, has put together a consummate overview of how to play amazing "grooves" in five classic styles. The lessons are easy to follow and with a little work you can start to approximate the rhythm guitar work played by the iconic guitarists on the funkiest recordings ever made! A must for every guitarist who wants to improve his chops.

Language: English
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running time: 1h 37m
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 1003.1kbps 640x480
Audio: MP4A, 113.8kbps 44.1kHz 2 ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 3.31 Gb

Buzz Feiten - Funky Rhythm Guitar

Buzz Feiten - Funky Rhythm Guitar

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7 comments on “Buzz Feiten - Funky Rhythm Guitar”

  1. He teaches not only funk but guitar playing itself.REally good!!

  2. Thanks for the Buzz Feiten Funky Rhythm Guitar lesson, admins.! 🙂

  3. I have always been an admirer of Buzz Feiten's guitar playing. He is as good a rhythm player as lead player. He is extremly adaptable to different styles, which to my mind makes him a complete player.His recent venture in to intonation problems with guitars have proved just how many guitars have design fualts which cause intonation problems. This is something one realises more so as a rhythm guitarist.

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