Bunny Brunel Fretless Bass

Bunny Brunel - Fretless Bass

May 25, 2024

Bunny Brunel Fretless Bass download free. If you’re looking to improve your fretless skills, bassist Bunny Brunel has a new instructional DVD. No frets, no frills. That’s the approach Bunny Brunel takes on this effective introduction to playing the fretless species.
Simply addressing the camera with bass in hand for 60 minutes and 16 chapters, Bunny covers and demonstrates key elements for the intermediate player making the leap from fretted bass. These include his recommendation of fret lines, how and where to place your left hand fingers, intonation, vibrato, sliding, right hand plucking and placement, pickup settings, note duration, and basic scales, modes and bass line exercises to induce a fretless sound and state of mind. Best are his careerearned inside tips, such as how vibrato utilizing the note below your pitch rather than above more resembles the way a vocalist sings, and how waiting until the final note of a phrase to add vibrato is also more natural, a la the human voice.

Language: English
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Running time: 01:00:43
Quality: DVDrip
Video: MPEG2 Video 720x480 (16:9) 29.97fps 7000kbps
Audio: 48000Hz stereo 1536kbps
Booklet: No
Size: 820 Mb

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5 comments on “Bunny Brunel - Fretless Bass”

  1. oh I'm wrong, the other one is called just "Slap Bass" by Bunny Brunel. 😆

  2. I got it! Thanks a lot Admin! :yourock:
    There's another video by Bunny Brunel called "Slap Bass and Fretless Bass" ...that one must be also good. 😉

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