Bruce Buckingham Chord-Melody Guitar PDF

Bruce Buckingham - Chord-Melody Guitar

Jan 27, 2024

Bruce Buckingham Chord-Melody Guitar PDF. A Guide to Combining Chords and Melody to Create Solo Arrangements in Jazz and Pop Styles. Master the art of blending melody and harmony on the guitar with this book/CD pack. It includes in-depth studies of chords and chord melodies as well as a CD containing 90 demonstration tracks. Lessons include: the five patterns; chord shells; inversions; voice leading; cadences; diminished chords; and more.
If you're looking for beginners book on chord melodies look elsewhere. The theory involved is of an intermediate (at least) nature. If on the other hand you are an intermediate to advanced player, this is an excellent book,(hence the 5 star rating) and the accompanying CD is like having a friend to play along with.
Note that no Jazz standard complete chord melodies are included and emphasis is more on the chord part than the process of adapting a melody.
Some of the material here is part of the GIT Rhythm Level III core class, which Bruce also wrote and this book could also be used as a nice follow-on to 'Rhythm Guitar - The Complete Guide'.
This book has a great approach and several ways to view the fret board that I wish someone had pointed out some of this information to me earlier. Keep in mind that this is not a traditional "here are the chords, here is the melody, here's how to put them together" but a true fundamental approach to learning chords, inversions, understanding core triads and linking them to a guitar melody or bass line type movements.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 65 pages

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