Bobby Gabriele Chart Reading Workbook for Drummers PDF

Bobby Gabriele - Chart Reading Workbook for Drummers

Mar 24, 2022

Bobby Gabriele Chart Reading Workbook for Drummers PDF. Musicians Institute Press. This private lesson covers common symbols and musical shorthand, section figures and ensemble figures, accents, set-up ideas, and embellishment, and swing, big band, and other styles. The audio includes 16 full-demo examples.
This book is a very nice way to help students learn how to set up ensemble hits in a jazz setting. Students need some examples to help them start to learn how to set up a band. This book helps you to learn how to do that. Also very good book for that is Bob Moses' Drum Wisdom.
This book shows you ALL the basics. How to set up Ensemble figures, Section figures. Comes with Audio minus drums. Very helpful and useful material. Suggestions on simple and effective "set ups" that will let a band know whats coming up. Very well written and easy to understand, step by step instruction on Chart reading in a Jazz (Big Band) setting. Would apply to small combo ensembles as well. It will definitely help your chart reading while not confusing or over whelming you. If you want to learn to read / interpret Jazz Charts, this book will help tremendously.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 56 pages

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