Bill Evans Fake Book PDF

Bill Evans Fake Book

Sep 30, 2023

Bill Evans Fake Book PDF. Over 60 original compositions transcribed and edited by Pascal Wetzel. Leadsheets generally follow the latest recording to show the evolution of the tune and maturation of the artist. Counterlines, codas, chord extensions and chord changes for improvisation are included. Added features are lyric versions of 10 tunes, 3 essays about Bill Evans' life and music, photographs, and discography.
This book shows Bill underrated greatness in composing. The book is neatly done and the chord symbols are very comprehensive and include those wonderful inner contrapuntal voices Bill used all the time, both in his composing and his playing.
There is not one page to be disregarded in this Fake Book, including a very nice 2-voice contrapuntal piece he composed for children. Denny Zeitlin's wonderful "Quiet Now" was painstakingly transcribed by Jed note-per-note. Musicians: Listen to the recording and try to emulate Bill's nuances. This is a very technical demanding piece, but worth the time spent learning it.

Songs include:

  • B Minor Waltz
  • Bill's Belle
  • Bill's Hit Tune
  • Blue In Green
  • C Minor Blues Chase
  • Carnival
  • Catch The Wind
  • Children's Play Song
  • Chromatic Tune
  • Comrade Conrad
  • Displacement
  • Epilogue
  • Five (Lyric)
  • Five
  • For Nenette
  • Fudgesicle Built For Two
  • Fun Ride
  • Funkkallero
  • Funny Man
  • G Waltz
  • In April
  • Interplay
  • It's Love It's Christmas (Lyric)
  • Knit For Mary F.
  • Laurie
  • Letter To Evan (Lyric)
  • Loose Bloose
  • Maxine
  • My Bells (Lyric)
  • My Bells
  • NYC's No Lark
  • One For Helen
  • Only Child (Lyric)
  • Only Child
  • The Opener
  • Orbit
  • Peace Piece
  • Peri's Scope
  • Prologue
  • Quiet Now
  • Re: Person I Knew
  • Remembering The Rain
  • Show Type Tune (Tune For A Lyric)
  • A Simple Matter Of Conviction
  • Since We Met
  • Song For Helen
  • Story Line
  • Theme (What You Gave)
  • There Came You
  • These Things Called Changes
  • 34 Skidoo
  • Tiffany
  • Time Remembered (Lyric)
  • Time Remembered
  • Turn Out The Stars
  • T.T.T.
  • T.T.T.T.
  • The Two Lonely People
  • Very Early
  • Walkin' Up
  • Waltz For Debby
  • Waltz For Debby (Lyric)
  • Waltz In Eb
  • We Will Meet Again
  • Yet Ne'er Broken
  • Your Story

Format: PDF, 106 pages

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