The Best of Victor Wooten PDF

The Best of Victor Wooten

Jan 7, 2024

The Best of Victor Wooten PDF. Highly regarded as a bass innovator, Victor Wooten has made a name for himself laying down the low-end for both Bela Fleck and during his guest stints with the Dave Matthews Band, and in his own successful solo career. The Best of Victor Wooten features his playing on 14 great tunes, which Wooten transcribed himself! This deluxe songbook includes note-for-note transcriptions. Wonderful book that provides a lot of insight into the music and techniques of one of the finest Bassist on the planet. The notation legend is a godsend for those of us who are less adept at two hand tapping.
There are few bassists who can compete with Victor Wooten for the title of best bassist in the world. Maybe Michael Manring or Bill Dickens but that's not the point. This book has transcriptions of some of Victor's most jaw-dropping bass performances and if you think that you are good at bass you should definitely buy this book and see how good you really are. The pieces in this book are amazing and challenging. Be warned though, the transcription of Amazing Grace is just an outline of some of the things Victor plays rather than a transcription of an actual recording. Also Classical Thump has a section in it that isn't transcribed and just says ad lib rubato. Other than that though this book is highly recommended for the extremely advanced bass player. If you are not already familiar with double thumb, double pluck, and two hand tapping techniques you might want to check out Bass Extremes before you try to tackle this one.

Songs include:

  • Sinister Minister
  • Stomping Grounds
  • Sex In A Pan
  • Blu-Bop
  • Cherokee (Indian Love Song)
  • Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
  • A Show Of Hands
  • More Love
  • Amazing Grace
  • Classical Thump
  • Heaven Is Where The Heart Is (Includes lyrics and vocal melody)
  • Sometimes I Laugh
  • The Vision
  • You Can't Hold No Groove

Format: PDF, 111 pages

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