Bass Player Summer 1990 PDF

Bass Player Summer 1990

Nov 29, 2022

Bass Player Summer 1990 PDF. Bass Player is a monthly magazine which was founded in 1989. The magazine is dedicated to providing information for bass players. The publication provides equipment reviews, instructional lessons for bass players, interviews with well known and up and coming bass artists, and music just for bass guitar. Tutorials and lessons for bass players in Bass Player Magazine PDF include learning different music styles and songs.
Bursting with the latest news from the bass community, showcasing the ‘great and less-great work’ of a bass star and interviews with bass players. Perfect for beginner and advanced level players, you’ll find helpful lessons in every issue of Bass Player to improve your technique. You’ll also find reviews of the latest gear to upgrade your kit to the best on the market. Bringing you the latest product reviews, news and updates from the bass community, you’ll find everything from genuine rock and jazz to metal and funk bass features.

Bass Player Summer 1990 (#02) contents:

  • Gearing Up For The '90s. An introduction to what's new and improved for bass. Plus: amp buying tip, acoustic bass guitars, a glossary, bass effects, and the fate of the 4-string.
  • Bass Cabinet Design. Multiple drivers, vented enclosures, folded horns - the mysteries of speaker cabinets explained.
  • The Essentials Of Setup. Before you play a note, you should set up your bass properly. Here's how. By Dan Erlewine
  • Ken Smith Burner Bass
  • Steinberger Q4 Bass
  • MESA/Boogie Bass 400+ Amp
  • Martin B-65 Acoustic Baas Guitar
  • Wilkinson 4+1 Conversion Kit
  • Anthony Jackson. In Part Two at an exclusive interview, the pioneering contrabassist discusses his technical innovations and examines the state of the bass. By Chris Jisi
  • Private Lesson: Bob Magnusson. An interview with the outstanding jazz bassist, plus a transcription and analysis of his approach to "Stella by Starlight" By Alexis Sklarevski
  • Tobias Bass Giveaway. Win a Tobias Basic - custom built to your specifications!
  • George Porter - The Meter man steps out
  • Mike Watt - He breaks three strings a night
  • Tony Garnier - From Asleep Al The Wheel to "Bob Dylan's Dream"
  • Michael Formanek - Acoustic touch
  • Dave LaRue - Starting Out
  • Rick Turner - Bass Tech
  • Steve Rodby - Modern Acoustic
  • Chuck Rainey - Improvisation
  • Randy Jackson - Pop Bass
  • Anthony Jackson - Artistry

Text Format PDF, 84 pages.

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