Bass Player Spring 1990 PDF

Bass Player Spring 1990

Nov 13, 2022

Bass Player Spring 1990 PDF. Bass Player is a monthly magazine which was founded in 1989. The magazine is dedicated to providing information for bass players. The publication provides equipment reviews, instructional lessons for bass players, interviews with well known and up and coming bass artists, and music just for bass guitar. Tutorials and lessons for bass players in Bass Player Magazine PDF include learning different music styles and songs.
Bursting with the latest news from the bass community, showcasing the ‘great and less-great work’ of a bass star and interviews with bass players. Perfect for beginner and advanced level players, you’ll find helpful lessons in every issue of Bass Player to improve your technique. You’ll also find reviews of the latest gear to upgrade your kit to the best on the market. Bringing you the latest product reviews, news and updates from the bass community, you’ll find everything from genuine rock and jazz to metal and funk bass features.

Bass Player Spring 1990 (#01) contents:

  • Billy Sheehan Best known for his outrageous solos, Billy Sheehan is actually concerned with all aspects of bass musicianship. Plus: the lowdown on Billy's unusual technique, and everything you ever wanted to know about his "wife." By Jim Roberts
  • The Fender Precision: 1952-1964. Photo essay: The bass that started it all. By Richard R. Smith
  • Anthony Jackson. Part One of a wide-ranging interview with an outspoken modern master and the pioneer of the 6-string contrabass guitar. By Chris Jisi.
  • How To Buy An Electric Bass. Active or passive pickups? Long scale or short? Four strings or five or six? Some guidelines for smart shopping. By Tom Mulhern
  • Private Lesson: Jack Bruce. A transcription and analysis of a cut from the legendary bassist's latest album. By Chris Jisi.
  • James Jamerson. Interview With The Ghost of Studio A. The great Motown bassist never really had a chance to tell his story - until now. By Dr. Licks, with James Jamerson Jr.
  • Billy Sheehan Bass Giveaway. Win a new Billy Sheehan Attitude Ltd. Bass by Yamaha!
  • Richard Greene - Bass voice of the Bobs
  • Lonnie Plaxico - New decade, new mission
  • Joy Julks - On total musicianship
  • David Hofstra - Wide open bass spaces
  • Dave LaRue - Starting Out
  • Rick Turner - Bass Tech
  • Randy Jackson - Pop Bass
  • Anthony Jackson - Artistry
  • Steve Rodby - Modern Acoustic
  • Alembic 20th Anniversary Bass
  • Spector NS-2A
  • Peavey DataBass Amp

Text Format PDF, 84 pages.

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