Bass Player September 2012 PDF

Bass Player September 2012

Dec 21, 2023

Bass Player September 2012 PDF. Bass Player is a monthly magazine which was founded in 1989. The magazine is dedicated to providing information for bass players. The publication provides equipment reviews, instructional lessons for bass players, interviews with well known and up and coming bass artists, and music just for bass guitar. Tutorials and lessons for bass players in Bass Player Magazine PDF include learning different music styles and songs.
Bursting with the latest news from the bass community, showcasing the ‘great and less-great work’ of a bass star and interviews with bass players. Perfect for beginner and advanced level players, you’ll find helpful lessons in every issue of Bass Player to improve your technique. You’ll also find reviews of the latest gear to upgrade your kit to the best on the market. Bringing you the latest product reviews, news and updates from the bass community, you’ll find everything from genuine rock and jazz to metal and funk bass features.

Bass Player September 2012 contents:

  • Wolfgang Van Halen. He isn’t just Eddie's kid. Wolfgang Van Halen is a talented player with his own style, one that’s just right for bringing Van Halen’s live shows to a new high. By Brian Fox
  • The Art of Solo Bass. More than ever, bassists are stretching the limits of the bass by playing alone. Here’s a look at some of the top artists in the genre - and how they get it done. By Chris Jisi
  • She Caught Katy. Donald "Duck” Dunn bounces his way through a classic with the Blues Brothers. By Brian Fox
  • COMMUNITY. The Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion
  • EXPO. Nathan East on camera
  • NEW GEAR. Products from Ibanez, Boss, Copilot & more
  • TECH BENCH. Digital audio interfaces. Amplifying an upright
  • NEW! OUTTAKES. Robert Trujillo's best friend
  • DICK LOVGREN. Pour Meshuggah on me
  • MEET YOUR MAKER. Pete Skjold of Skjold Design Guitars
  • MIKE DEAN. Energy focus with Corrosion Of Conformity
  • NEW! BOOK NOTES. Ken Scott in the studio
  • BP RECOMMENDS. Brian Bromberg, Roy Vogt, The Beach Boys
  • TC ELECTRONIC BG250 combo amp
  • EASTWOOD Airline Map 34
  • M BASSES MJ-4 LE 4-string
  • JAZZ CONCEPTS. Take five
  • NEW! TALKING BASS. Jeff Berlin on musical facts
  • BLUES YOU CAN USE. Rhumba rules

Text Format PDF, 92 pages.

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