Bass Player May 2012

Bass Player May 2012

Sep 10, 2023

Bass Player May 2012 PDF. Bass Player is a monthly magazine which was founded in 1989. The magazine is dedicated to providing information for bass players. The publication provides equipment reviews, instructional lessons for bass players, interviews with well known and up and coming bass artists, and music just for bass guitar. Tutorials and lessons for bass players in Bass Player Magazine PDF include learning different music styles and songs.
Bursting with the latest news from the bass community, showcasing the ‘great and less-great work’ of a bass star and interviews with bass players. Perfect for beginner and advanced level players, you’ll find helpful lessons in every issue of Bass Player to improve your technique. You’ll also find reviews of the latest gear to upgrade your kit to the best on the market. Bringing you the latest product reviews, news and updates from the bass community, you’ll find everything from genuine rock and jazz to metal and funk bass features.

Bass Player May 2012 contents:

  • A Guide For Lefties. How-to help for southpaws: Where to buy new and used electric and upright basses, plus online resources. By Chris Jisi
  • Jen Conference. Dedicated to uniting the worldwide jazz community, the Jazz Education Network creates bass magic and inspiration at its annual conference. By John Goldsby
  • COMMUNITY. Lowdown, The Real World, Dig My Rig, Court of Opinion
  • NEW GEAR. Products from Cort, Aguilar & more
  • TECH BENCH. Studio monitors; IOS apps for gigs
  • THE GROOVE YARD. The search for a sound
  • STEPHEN POPE. A swell situation with Wavves
  • IDA NIELSEN. Deep in the funk with Prince
  • ANDY HESS. Guitar gurus’ go-to guy
  • RETRO-RAMA. 1964 Framus 54-19
  • MEET YOUR MAKER. Warwick's Hans-Peter Wilfer.
  • BILLY MOHLER. Spirit for the superstars
  • RYAN STASIK. Big-booty bass with Umphrey’s McGee
  • ANDY CARR. Every little nuance with Belinda Carlisle and ABC
  • MARK CLARKE. Chalk & cheese with Billy Squier and Colosseum
  • BP RECOMMENDS. Wayne Krantz, Linda Oh & more
  • GENZ BENZ. Shuttle 6.2-12T combo
  • ELIXIR. Stainless Steel strings
  • JOHN GOLDSBY. Getting Cuban rhythms right
  • BASS IN THE CARIBBEAN. Mighty basses made of steel
  • Transcription. THE DOORS’ "STRANGE DAYS". Doug Lubahn’s slippery, insistent line pumps up the energy on this psychedelia classic.
  • Alex Webster. From the intensity of Cannibal Corpse to the uber-com-plexity of Blotted Science, Webster is constantly pushing himself to the max. Plus: A look at death metal’s most brutal instruments and the bassists who play them. By Bryan Beller

Text Format PDF, 92 pages.

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