Bass Player July August 1991 PDF

Bass Player July - August 1991

Mar 18, 2023

Bass Player July – August 1991 PDF. Bass Player is a monthly magazine which was founded in 1989. The magazine is dedicated to providing information for bass players. The publication provides equipment reviews, instructional lessons for bass players, interviews with well known and up and coming bass artists, and music just for bass guitar. Tutorials and lessons for bass players in Bass Player Magazine PDF include learning different music styles and songs.
Bursting with the latest news from the bass community, showcasing the ‘great and less-great work’ of a bass star and interviews with bass players. Perfect for beginner and advanced level players, you’ll find helpful lessons in every issue of Bass Player to improve your technique. You’ll also find reviews of the latest gear to upgrade your kit to the best on the market. Bringing you the latest product reviews, news and updates from the bass community, you’ll find everything from genuine rock and jazz to metal and funk bass features.

Bass Player July – August 1991 contents:

  • Stuart Hamm. The former thunder behind Steve Vai and Joe Satriani won last year’s Guitar Player Readers Poll for both Rock Bass and Jazz Bass. Now he tells the story behind his hot new solo Album, The Urge. Plus: a note-for-note look at Stu’s part on one of the album’s hottest cuts, “Lone Star.” By Jim Roberts
  • Bootsy Collins. A funk legend with Parliamnet-Funkadelic, Bootsy recently crashed the charts with his guest spot on Deee-Lite’s World Clique.
  • Charlie Haden. In the ’50s, he made jazz history with the Ornette Coleman Quartet. Since then, Haden has played his acoustic bass with a host of artists, from John Coltrane to Bruce Hornsby – and stood up tor freedom and human rights. By Jim Roberts
  • Chicago Blues Bass. Four top Windy City bassists – Creg Rzab, Noel Neal, Harlan Terson and Johnny B. Gayden – offer insight and tips on playing the blues.
  • Yamaha Mega-Giveaway. Last chance to win a complete Yamaha bass rig worth $7,750!
  • The late Leo Fender, Warwick Bass/Trace Elliot contest winner, and more!
  • Hamer 8- and 12-string Basses – The key to Doug Pinnick’s unique sound with King’s X
  • Ray Drummond – The New York jazz master recalls his harrowing escape from the 9-to-5 world
  • Dave Pegg – Two decades with Fairport Convention and Jethro Tull
  • Fernandes APB-90 Bass
  • ADA MB-1 midi preamp & B500B Bi-amp
  • Hartke 410TP & Randall RW410 SPEAKER CABINETS
  • Hohner B Bass
  • Will Lee – Pocket Central
  • Dave LaRue – Starting Out
  • Rich Appleman – Theory
  • Steve Rodby – Modern Acoustic
  • Chuck Rainey – Improvisation
  • Rick Turner – Bass Tech

Text Format PDF, 84 pages.

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