Barrett Tagliarino Chord Tone Soloing PDF

Barrett Tagliarino - Chord Tone Soloing

Nov 1, 2021

Barrett Tagliarino Chord Tone Soloing PDF. A Guitarist's Guide to Melodic Improvising in Any Style. Learn how the professionals create monster solos with this easy-to-use book/CD pack! The accompanying CD includes 68 tracks of exercises, licks, solo examples, and play-alongs. Includes all necessary foundation materials; detailed instructions on how and what to practice; essential concepts for players at every level; developing your real-time melodic reflexes; soloing over any progression in any style of music; using chords as an endless source of ideas; and more.
This book is the advanced user manual for your guitar. If you already know the basics such as chords and scales then this book is EXACTLY what you need.
Basically it covers the how and why of music and how you the guitar player should think about it. Be forewarned this is not a book that will make you better overnight. In fact there is a chance that you will feel as though you have gotten worse at first. My recommendation for those that can afford the time is to buy this book and use it right along side a good relative pitch ear training program... seriously. If you want to be a good musician then the methods in this book will provide the how and why while your ear will be responsible for the when.
This book teaches you the way to think about the guitar. It will take a lot of serious practice to ingrain the material in these pages, but those that do will transition for ok players to real players. Plain and simple.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 111 pages

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