At a Glance: Guitar Virtuosos

At a Glance: Guitar Virtuosos

Aug 11, 2023

A first of its kind, the At a Glance series pairs an instructional DVD lesson taught by a professional guitarist with a supplemental book for a comprehensive learning experience. Each book/DVD features several lessons pertaining to one topic, and the DVD lessons feature on-screen music. The lessons are loaded with valuable tips and information. Guitar Virtuosos – At a Glance features four styles, Yngwie Malmsteen style, Steve Vai style, Eric Johnson style, and Joe Satriani style.

Songs include:

  • Always With Me, Always With You - Joe Satriani
  • The Animal - Steve Vai
  • Big Trouble - David Lee Roth
  • Blue Powder - Steve Vai
  • Bristol Shore - Eric Johnson
  • Camel's Night Out - Eric Johnson
  • Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
  • Deja Vu - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Dreaming (Tell Me) - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Erotic Nightmares - Steve Vai
  • For the Love of God - Steve Vai
  • I Would Love To - Steve Vai
  • Life Without You - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Heaven Tonight - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Hold On - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Marching Out - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • The Riddle - by Steve Vai
  • Righteous - Eric Johnson
  • Rising Force - Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Satch Boogie - Joe Satriani
  • Skyscraper - David Lee Roth
  • Touching Tongues - Steve Vai
  • Trademark - Eric Johnson
  • Venus Isle - Eric Johnson
  • Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth
  • Zenland - Eric Johnson

Language: English
Year: 2011
Country: USA
Running time: 00:43:24
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720x480, 16:9, 7490.19 kbps, 30 fps
Audio: AC3, 192,0 kbps, 48,0 kHz, 2ch
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 2.33 Gb

At a Glance: Guitar Virtuosos

At a Glance: Guitar Virtuosos

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