Anthony Vitty The Slap Bass Bible PDF

Anthony Vitty - The Slap Bass Bible

Nov 27, 2023

Anthony Vitty The Slap Bass Bible PDF. This book contains the most modern up-to-date styles of slap available. The book divided into three chapters. The first concentrates on straight funk grooves. You will find grooves in the styles of 70's and 80's funk. The difference is in the modern fingerings used to play them. These fingerings will open up new ideas and help your playing sound fresh. The second chapter deals with only thumb grooves. There is not another book that deals with this aspect of slap playing. You'll be able to develop incredible thumb speed, which I feel is the true key to playing slap bass lines. The third chapter focuses on hip hop and shuffle grooves. All these grooves contain a level of swing that is truly hard to master.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 63 pages

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