Angus Clark’s Play In The Style of David Gilmour

Angus Clark – Play in the Style of David Gilmour

Mar 22, 2023

Angus Clark’s Play In The Style of David Gilmour. Learn how to play rock guitar in the style of David Gilmour. Across the entire history of music, there are very few guitar players who we can point to as true innovators of a new style or technique of guitar. Not just truly gifted players, (so many of those!) but players who singlehandedly crafted an entirely new and fresh approach to the instrument, which in turn greatly influenced future generations of players. TrueFire’s Play In The Style series focuses on the unique stylings, techniques and creative approaches of these highly influential guitarists.
David Gilmour’s contribution to the art of rock guitar is undeniable. Any guitarist playing rock guitar today, including many of today’s big name contemporary artists, proudly pay homage to Gilmour’s influence in their own music and approach to the instrument.
Angus Clark’s Play in the Style of David Gilmour is NOT about learning David’s signature licks or solos note-for-note. The course goes deeper than that — it’s a thorough exploration of the David Gilmour style of guitar so that you too can incorporate David’s harmonic, rhythmic and expressive approaches into your own playing. Understanding what’s under the hood allows you to to tap into his influence to power your own sound.
Angus organized the course into three sections. In the first section, you’ll examine David’s tone, gear and his go-to scales and fingerings. In the second section, you’ll expand your vocabulary with 30 lead and rhythm licks that are most characteristic of the David Gilmour style of guitar. Angus guides you through an essential palette of techniques: bends, slides, vibrato, arpeggio based lines, playing over chord changes, delay and effects, slide, pinch harmonics, vibrato arm and a variety of rhythm guitar approaches.
In the the third and final section, you’ll apply everything you learned in the first two sections across four full Performance Studies. In the first study, you’ll learn how to play a minor blues in a shuffle feel reminiscent of Money. In the next study, you’ll focus on arpeggio-based lines similar to Gilmour’s approaches on The Wall album. The third study is modeled on David’s solo on Another Brick In The Wall Part 2. And finally in the fourth study, you’ll learn to solo similar to David’s work on the ride out in Comfortably Numb.
Angus will demonstrate all of the Performance Studies for you and then break them down note-for-note. All of the key examples and solos are tabbed and notated, plus you’ll get all of the jam tracks to work with on your own. You’ll also get Guitar Pro files so that you can loop and/or slow any section as you work through the lessons.

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