Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method PDF

Alex de Grassi - Fingerstyle Guitar Method

Jun 12, 2023

Alex de Grassi Fingerstyle Guitar Method PDF. Hone your technique and deepen your understanding of contemporary fingerstyle guitar with this full method taught by one of the masters of the genre. From fundamentals like properly positioning the fretting and picking hands to developing a solid alternating thumb technique, Alex de Grassi carefully guides beginning and intermediate players into the world of steel-string guitar.
He then explores more advanced topics like cross-string playing, altering the texture and weight of notes and chords, slapping and tapping, and developing "depth of field" in your playing-techniques he has used in composing and arranging guitar music for over 30 years. This book includes standard notation and tablature as well as links to online audio tracks.
Very well-written but jumps past and skips over a lot of integral information. If you are an intermediate to advanced player there is some great aesthetic information. The "depth of field" section is excellent but, to really benefit from this book you need to have a certain amount of technique, experience and musicality. Mr De Grassi has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about and working on this book. It is a master work from a master player. This is not a beginner book. It does contain material, however, that an early intermediate or late beginner can grasp. Put this in your library. You'll be coming back to it and learning from it as long as play the instrument.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 206 pages

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10 comments on “Alex de Grassi - Fingerstyle Guitar Method”

  1. awesome! couldn't help but notice the mention of 6 hours of video on the cover though... as this download has only audio, do you have any idea where we can see that?

  2. hi am bhargavi....I actually got guitar for myself recently....and tried few of the stevez lessons...they were awesome and would love to learn more.....thank u:)

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