Albert Lee Country Legend DVD

Albert Lee - Country Legend

Dec 11, 2018

Albert Lee Country Legend DVD download. One of the greatest hot country guitarists discusses the history and development of country and rockabilly guitar, demonstrates his renowned rhythm guitar style and b-bender licks, discusses his influences and demonstrates the licks and solos that were an early influence on him, and demonstrates his remarkable lead guitar technique with special demonstrations of both his flat picking and "hybrid" picking techniques. This DVD is comprised of a full length concert given by Albert Lee with segments interspersed between the songs in which Albert discusses the guitarists he admired and emulated during his formative years.
The concert performance is first rate. He plays several of the classic songs which showcase his awesome guitar playing, such as "Luxury Liner," "Tear It Up," and, of course "Country Boy."The version of "Country Boy" on this "Country Legend" DVD might be the best ever.
Albert's discourse about his boyhood guitar heroes is a real bonus. It's reasonable to assume anyone interested in this DVD is a hot country guitar fan in general. If so, they'll probably find it fascinating to listen to Albert's anecdotes about James Burton's light gauge guitar strings, the diffculty of finding Chet Atkins records in England back in the '60's, and the monumental impact Cliff Gallup and Scotty Moore had on him.
Albert demonstrates one or two signature licks from each guitarist. Be aware, though, Albert's main objective is to give you general background information on guitarists who helped form his style, not to teach the viewer how to play.
The DVD includes other little bonuses such as a video of Chet Atkins playing a fantastic version of "The Black Mountain Rag" and Hank Garland playing an equally enjoyable version of "Sugarfoot Rag." You can also watch the concert straight through without Albert's lecture on his favorite guitarists, if you so choose.

Volume 1:

  • Opening with Vince Gill
  • Country Boy
  • Evangelina
  • Influence - Scotty Moore -Ex.1
  • My Baby Thinks He's A Train
  • Influence - Cliff Gallup - Ex.2
  • Black Mountain Rag - Chet Atkins
  • Till Gain Control Again
  • Influence -Jimmy Bryant - Ex.3
  • Tiger Rag
  • Influence - James Burton -Ex.4
  • Influence - J.J.Cale - Ex.5
  • Fast bluegrass - Ex.6
  • Restlers

Volume 2

  • Opening with Vince Gill
  • Luxury Liner
  • Seventeenth Summer
  • Influence - Grady Martin - Ex.7
  • Tennessee Polka - Grady Martin
  • Now Albert formed his style
  • Just Because
  • Influence - Hank Garland
  • Sugarfoot Rag - Hank Garland
  • Flat picking - Ex.8
  • Tear it Up
  • Hybrid picking -Ex.9
  • Tear Stained Letter

Special Features:

  • Tuning Segment
  • Performance Only
  • Interactive Photo Gallery
  • "Master of the Telecaster " Preview
  • Additionals Tips
  • Basic Finger - Picking
  • Travis Finger - Picking

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Language: English
Year: 2002
Country: USA
Running time: 3 hours
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 NTSC 4:3 (720x480) 29.970 fps, 5 662 Kbps
Audio: English, AC3, 2/0 ch, 256Kbps,
Booklet: No
Size: 4.6 Gb

Albert Lee - Country Legend

Albert Lee - Country Legend

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