Alan Dworsky - A Rhythmic Vocabulary

Alan Dworsky - A Rhythmic Vocabulary

Aug 6, 2021

A Rhythmic Vocabulary PDF: A Musician's Guide to Understanding and Improvising With Rhythm. This book is a road map to rhythm for any musician. It's for guitar players intrigued by the rhythms of world music. It's for keyboard players who've studied scales and chords and now want to study rhythm in a systematic way. It's for drummers, bass players, and sax players who want to groove and solo with a deeper understanding of rhythmic structure. Whatever your instrument, if you want to play funkier and don't mind using your head to do it, this book is for you.
This step-by-step comprehensive course includes:

  • hundreds of patterns drawn from African and Afro-Cuban rhythms explained and organized according to their structures;
  • Rhythmic concepts and techniques you can use to create your own patterns;
  • Bite-sized lessons arranged in order of difficulty;
  • Easy-to-read charts that even non-musicians can understand;
  • A CD that creates a realistic, three-dimensional rhythmic context for you to practice in;
  • Exercises to reinforce your understanding and help you build on what you're learning;
  • and a chapter on rhythm walking - a fun way to create rhythms with your whole body while you walk.

All you need are way to play the included CD and something to make sound with - an instrument, your voice, a drum, or a tabletop. You always have to worry about falling ino the trap of laying out on the same rhythms all the time. This book will give you a kick in the pants though. Afro-Cuban/Latin and African rhythms are the focus here but you can use this on anything.
Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 360 pages

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3 comments on “Alan Dworsky - A Rhythmic Vocabulary”

  1. I bought the book years ago and have the CD but would like to be able to download the tracks since I no longer have a CD player. How can I do that?

  2. it's a different method of teaching and practicing rhythm, for me it's been very interesting
    Thank you very much!

  3. Muchas gracias por tan grandioso libro....!!!!!!eres lo máximo faststrings. :punk:

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