Aaron Shearer Learning The Classic Guitar Part 2 PDF

Aaron Shearer – Learning The Classic Guitar Part 2

Mar 11, 2021

Aaron Shearer Learning The Classic Guitar Part 2 PDF. Reading and Memorizing Music. Learning the Classic Guitar is a new direction in guitar instruction. Many ideas in these books break new ground. Part Two should go along with part one and it presents the elements of music and procedures for developing ability to sight-read and memorize. It also introduces the visualization concept.
Great fundamentals - used at various guitar instruction venues (university, individual studios, high schools, etc.) Progression allows the student to truly get the fundamentals correctly while advancing to melodies while understanding concepts and notation.
This is a very good companion book for Learning the Classic Guitar Part one. They were meant to be purchased together. Very good for beginning and intermediate players.
Part Two is the "workbook." It features lessons in the form of musical studies and original repertoire pieces, written in standard notation. Many of these are duets to be played with a teacher or a more advanced player. It also introduces the reader to the study of solfege.
As an amateur and needing instruction from the technical point of view, these books have been an excellent source. They are thoughtfully designed as an aid to the study of this most difficult instrument. A foundation of technique with thorough explanations as to the 'why' not just the 'how' to perform.
Mr. Shearer shows all the signs of an instructor of great experience, intelligence, research and a willingness to grow through constant study and development. He has written a series of books which reflect these qualities.

Format: PDF, 218 pages

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