Aaron Gilmartin - Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin - Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar

Sep 16, 2019

The passion and fire of flamenco, with its driving dance rhythms and spectacular melodies, has inspired guitarists for generations. This Spanish Gypsy folk music has its roots in the Middle East, and you can hear strains of Arabic, Jewish, Eastern European, Indian and other ethnicities in its powerful rhythms and harmonies.
Aaron Gilmartin’s clear, concise instructions will get you started playing flamenco guitar right away. All you’ll need is a basic knowledge of the fingerboard and a nylon string guitar to learn this exciting musical tradition. Whether you now play classical, folk, blues or contemporary fingerstyle guitar, these DVDs will open a whole new world of music to you.
Along with flamenco history, terminology and technique, Aaron teaches four of the most important flamenco forms, each with its own recognizable "feel," or aire: Tangos, a dance rhythm in 4/4 similar to the sounds made popular by the Gypsy Kings; Alegrias, a lighter, more uplifting style; Bulerias, the exciting and popular form played by everyone from Sabicas to Paco de Lucia; and Soleares, the "mother of all flamenco forms." In each form you’ll learn the basic compas (rhythmic feel), and become familiar with strumming and picking techniques such as the rasgueado, abanico and picado.
Throughout the two DVD lessons you'll develop your tone, rhythmic power, strumming variations and the improvisational melodies (falsetas) and heart-thumping rhythms that make flamenco so exciting to players and listeners alike.
Aaron goes into great detail on each rasguedo and rhythm, giving you everything you need to learn them perfectly. And his hints about playing and how each technique should feel are priceless. The melodic passages are very basic, but pleasant and reasonably interesting. It focuses very well on very important techniques that usually all flamenco guitar players use, and it gives you methods to practice them with a guitar and without it. The picture of the movie is very clear, and the method of showing both the right hand and the left hand at the same time is very successful. Also the DVD titles are very well made allowing you to easily jump to any technique you are practicing.
What you have to be careful about this DVD is that it is not for beginners in guitar. Don't expect that you are in zero level and you want to learn flamenco from it.
The level of the songs played and the techniques discussed are to a bit experienced guitar player.

Language: English
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Running time: 4 hours
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720x480 29.970 fps 8000.0 kbps
Audio: 48000 Hz, 2 ch, 224.0 kbit
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 4.3 Gb

Aaron Gilmartin - Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar

Aaron Gilmartin - Learn to Play Flamenco Guitar

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