Walter Grassmann – Vienna Big Band Machine Minus Drums

Jun 28 2016

Walter Grassmann – Vienna Big Band Machine Minus Drums

This unique publication for drummers includes: A CD with 14 play-along tracks (without drums): Funk-Shuffle, Funk-Rock, Latin-Funk, Straight Funk, Hip-Hop Shuffle, Ballad, Rap, a.o. A folder containing the original, hand-written drum parts (as used at the recording sessions) Computer typeset drum parts, including additional notated drum fills. Recommended for drummers from beginner to advanced.
The drum charts are what you would expect with good example fills and the tracks are good quality recordings. The tracks are fun to play and allow expression and interpretation.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

Download Walter Grassmann – Vienna Big Band Machine Minus Drums free and other lessons from our site


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  1. Voney Batista da Silva /

    material muito bom..!!

  2. maskats /

    Great! Both audio and PDF included!!!

  3. genomas /

    simplemente: gracias totales

  4. Marcio /

    thanks for the book, nice share

  5. vertigo /

    muito bem,obrigado !

  6. Marcio /

    thanks so much adm

  7. jojodrummer /

    grazie mille boss nn sembrz vero

  8. azerty /

    thx a lot, I was looking for that !!!

  9. tibet /

    thx admin. grazie

  10. Gush /

    Great .Thanks admin. :yourock:

  11. turcko /

    grazie mille capo :punk:

  12. Helens /

    Thanks admin :drummer:

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