Vicki Genfan – 30 Strumming Patterns You Must Know

Dec 22 2015

Vicki Genfan – 30 Strumming Patterns You Must Know

Back in the day you could also play a lot of music with just three guitar strums; the single quarter-note down strum, the eighth-note down-up strum and the good ole boom-chicka (throw in the four-to-the-bar and swing-eights strums if you were a jazzer). Thanks to Vicki Genfan’s 30 Strumming Patterns You MUST Know, we now have an infinite variety of strumming patterns to choose from. Progress.
How many strumming patterns do you really know? Survey says that most intermediate players just know a few. Survey will also tell you that any level player is hungry to learn more and that’s what 30 Strumming Patterns You must Know is all about – a hands-on practical reference guide designed to equip the player with 30 essential strumming patterns for jamming, accompaniment, cover tunes and original compositions.
Vicki performs a practical application of each strumming pattern over a drum track for context and then breaks down the pattern for you rhythmically in a very accessible manner. You’ll learn patterns for all popular styles of music: Southern Rock, Alt Bass Country, Simple Reggae, Classic Ballad, Staccato Pop, Funky Octave, Light Rock, Folk Hip, Country Waltz, Slow 6/8 Blues, Swing Pop, Funky R&B, Slow Funky Latin, Folky Hop, Southern Strut, Gypsy Rock, Chunky Rock, Stop ‘n Go Pop, Pop Sixteenths, Pop R&B, Udu Hip, Funky Slide, Laid Back Latin, Jazzy Pop, Soul Sixteenths, Acoustic Rock, Reggae Bass Line, New World Roll, Driving Quarters and Harmonic Brushes. Everything is tabbed and notated, plus you get all of the drum tracks to practice the rhythm patterns in context by yourself.


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Vicki Genfan - 30 Strumming Patterns You Must Know

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