Ultimate Play-Along for Guitar by Mike Stern

Apr 21 2022

Ultimate Play-Along for Guitar by Mike Stern

Ultimate Play-Along for Guitar PDF has been developed so that the beginner to intermediate level guitarist can practice in different styles along with all-star musicians including Mike Stern on guitar, John Patitucci on bass and Dave Weckl on drums. This book and CDs package contains two CDs: the first disc contains seven complete rhythm tracks with the guitar melodies and solos, and the second CD contains the rhythm tracks minus the guitar. The book features complete transcriptions of all of Mike Stern’s guitar parts and solos, as well as tear-out “roadmap” charts for each tune.
Mike Stern covers 7 different soloing styles including blues, 8th note, 16th note, 3 variations of jazz and straight ahead rock. Engineering is top notch. Book comes with 2 CD’s. One has the full band with Stern’s transcribed solos, and the other Cd has just the rhythm section. And what a rhythm section, as a guitarist you get to jam with Dave Weckl on drums and John Patitucci on bass. A lot of fun, and a very good learning experience.
The emphasis is on melody playing and soloing, rather than comping, but there are chord box grids for all of the tunes. The tunes are generic style examples rather than “real” compositions, but they work great as jam/playalong vehicles. The back cover gives the impression that this aimed at the “beginner to intermediate-level guitarist”, but there’s plenty of stuff to feast on for advanced players as well. The sixteenth-note triplets runs in “Hip Hop (Jazz Funk)” is truly jaw-dropping, but almost equally impressive is the beautiful melodic phrasing of “Pop Ballad”. All the solos are transcribed (with tablature), and the transcriptions are very accurate.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 80 pages


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  1. ockert /

    Nice jazz styles. Thank you.

  2. CclLinDt /

    thank you

  3. Saul /

    I hope this download works, I can’t wait to learn more Latin bass styes

  4. Eder /

    Tendeu cadê o CD mano…

  5. John Bosco /

    where is the second cd?

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  7. tailgunner /

    please add the backing tracks also…

  8. sergio plascencia /

    the master !!!!

  9. Bibibi /

    This is realy Good!

  10. Julyusman /

    i need hip hop jazz lead sheet! please help me!

  11. sera /

    chromazone is here i love that song 😀

  12. westcoast /

    where is the second cd?

  13. usermuser /

    greeaat sooo greaat :roll:

  14. msarra75 /

    There are only seven mp3 with full band. The other seven mp3 (without guitar)are not here.

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