Troy Stetina – Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar

Feb 21 2014

Troy Stetina – Speed Mechanics for Lead Guitar

Take your playing to the stratosphere with the most advanced lead book by this proven heavy metal author. Speed Mechanics is the ultimate technique book for developing the kind of speed and precision in today’s explosive playing styles. Learn the fastest ways to achieve speed and control, secrets to make your practice time really count, and how to open your ears and make your musical ideas more solid and tangible.
Packed with over 200 vicious exercises including Troy’s scorching version of “Flight of the Bumblebee.” Music and examples demonstrated on CD.
There’s really not much theory in here. Basically it’s all technique. Exercises designed to strengthen left and right hands separately and then putting them together. This book is about fundamentally improving your playing through hard work. This is not about “impress your friends in three days”. It is not even about “impress your friends in 100 days”. This book is about hard work and analyzing your lead playing. A lot of the practice licks are in the Aeolian mode – which is great for metal players. If this book is easy for you and your level intermediate or even advanced we recommend to download Terry Syrek Shred Is Not Dead book.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 80 pages

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  1. hendrix460 /

    Thank you very much, I have this book but will leave the disc long ago a colleague and I returned it so now I have come back to thank you very much from Andalucia! :punk:

  2. Neil /

    I havethe book speed mechanics for leadguitar but i lost the CD.
    If i can get the tracks that goes with the book i will be happy tostart thebook.

  3. david /

    tengo el libro y solo necesito el cd ,muchas gracias asi podre practicar bien los ejercicios :rockin:

  4. Chuller Man /



  5. john /

    thank your very much! GreaT!

  6. julius /

    hank your very much

  7. anan /

    Its very good dude :)

  8. mohammad k /

    HeySup . I love Troy And James Hetfield The Both Are My Inspiratio Peaple .1000

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