Troy Nelson – Rhythm Guitar 365

Nov 26 2017

Troy Nelson – Rhythm Guitar 365

Troy Nelson Rhythm Guitar 365 PDF. Daily Exercises for Developing, Improving and Maintaining Rhythm Guitar Technique. This book provides 365 exercises – one for every day of the year! – to keep your rhythm chops fine tuned. As an added bonus, demos of all 365 exercises are provided online. The book covers chord theory and the fundamentals of rhythm; basic and complex fingerpicking and strum patterns; popular diatonic and non-diatonic progressions; major, minor, diminished, and augmented triads; major, minor, and dominant seventh chords; extended and altered chords; major and minor keys; and more. By practicing these you’ll gain greater knowledge of chord construction and progressions, exposure to the rhythm styles of several musical genres, improved fingerpicking and strumming technique, increased chord-voicing vocabulary, and more!
Another winner from Troy Nelson. If you have Guitar Aerobics you will love this too. This one is oriented to Rhythm Guitar, but it also has single note licks along with chordal playing (for example in the R & B exercises). And it brings a complete introductory chord theory. Excellent system, progressive exercises, good tips. An excellent book.

Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 305 pages


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