Troy Nelson – Fretboard Freedom

Aug 08 2023

Troy Nelson – Fretboard Freedom

Troy Nelson Fretboard Freedom PDF. This revolutionary approach to chord-tone soloing features a 52-week, one-lick-per-day method for visualizing and navigating the neck of the guitar. The book covers a lot of styles and associates each lick with a specific chord shape. Each lick is written with respect to 5 different chord shapes which requires the guitarist to play in 5 different places on the neck. Excellent for getting more familiar with the neck, increasing one’s lick vocabulary in a variety of styles, and improving one’s technique. Includes helpful tips for each lick. The accompanying CD contains demonstrations of all 365 licks!
Troy Nelson, former editor of guitar magazines, has come up with a method to get out of that rut. In Fretboard Freedom, he’s come up with a daily practice regimen to help us box-imprisoned pickers to get out of the box, and also to see how the patterns relate to different chords. Nelson takes a chord-based approach, rather than scalar. The reasoning being that chord tone focused playing enables us to outline the chord changes of the music we’re playing.
This is not for beginners, but boy it’s not THAT advanced.You need to know some techniques (slide, bending, hammer ons and pull off) to benefit from the text, but it’s not that difficult. You won’t find extra complex rhythms at the beginning that would make you cry. The method is really interesting. It is a combination of CAGED chords, arpeggios and pentatonic scales which covers different positions of the guitar, so it teaches to play outside the box, and along with the licks studied, this will give us a good knowledge and command of the fretboard, and good technique . It is a one year program like Guitar Aerobics.

Topics covered:

  • major, minor, and dominant scales in all keys
  • 12 popular chord progressions
  • half-diminished and diminished scales
  • harmonic minor scale
  • whole-tone scale


Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 584 pages


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