Total Guitar February 2000

Sep 04 2022

Total Guitar February 2000

Total Guitar February 2000 PDF and Mp3 CD download. Complete issue, cover to cover. Total Guitar is an interactive guitar magazine. Every issue brings songs to learn, with CD audio to help you play along, reviews of all the latest guitar equipment, and interviews with all the biggest names in the guitar world! Total Guitar regularly contains tablature for Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Blues, Classic Rock and Metal, as well as detailed profiles of guitarists and their specific techniques and playing styles. Total Guitar is aimed at players who would like to learn how to play guitar, with dedicated beginner tutorials in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as helping those who can already play guitar to develop their playing style and learn new techniques and songs.
Total Guitar is mainly focused on tuition, but also has an expert gear reviews section that looks at the latest guitar equipment including guitars, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. Total Guitar also secures many exclusive interviews with guitarists from all kinds of genres and levels of playing, and has an in-depth features section.

Total Guitar February 2000 (#66) contents:

  • News features. Beck, Royal Trux, Woodbine, Substance D and Amen, Martin Taylor and Gwyn Ashton. How many?!
  • Crosby, Still Nash & Young. They’re back with a new album, Looking Forward, Stephen Stills says he’s only just mastered guitar…
  • Bluffer’s guide to… alternative guitar. Nirvana, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Pavement and The Pixies guitar styles looked at
  • New Releases. Beck, CSNY and new Led Zep compilation
  • Classic track – Oasis. Champagne Supernova doesn’t really need any introduction, does it?
  • Novice – Celtic solo. The Corns style-e. Lovely melodies, we think, and it’ll impress your Mum and Dad no end
  • Rock – Foo Fighters. My Hero and Walking After You – two great examples of Dave Grohl’s fabulous guitar playing
  • Modern classic – James. Oil Sit Down, Sit Down next to… your copy of TG and learn this 1990 indie classic
  • Blues – Steve Lukather. We interview the Californian behind Toto’s guitar sound, and give you a lesson, too!
  • Backing track. Reminiscent of the Police, this is the second installation in TG’s brand new technique feature
  • Acoustic – Open G tuning. As favoured by Jimmy Page and Keith Richards
  • HI-Tech special: MP3. Everything you wanted to know but were scared to ask
  • Squier Stagemaster. Strat-shaped and complete with Floyd Rose
  • Dod GS30. Fiddly buttons, but simple patch storage system
  • Mesa Boogie rocket 44. To die for? Oh yes!
  • Marshall pedals. Three new distortion boxes Ironi the amp kings


Original CD mp3 Tracks included.
Text Format PDF, 68 pages

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