Total Guitar April 2005

Nov 28 2022

Total Guitar April 2005

Total Guitar April 2005 PDF and Mp3 CD download. Complete issue, cover to cover. Total Guitar is an interactive guitar magazine. Every issue brings songs to learn, with CD audio to help you play along, reviews of all the latest guitar equipment, and interviews with all the biggest names in the guitar world! Total Guitar regularly contains tablature for Rock, Acoustic, Punk, Blues, Classic Rock and Metal, as well as detailed profiles of guitarists and their specific techniques and playing styles. Total Guitar is aimed at players who would like to learn how to play guitar, with dedicated beginner tutorials in acoustic and electric guitar, as well as helping those who can already play guitar to develop their playing style and learn new techniques and songs.
Total Guitar is mainly focused on tuition, but also has an expert gear reviews section that looks at the latest guitar equipment including guitars, amplifiers, pedals and accessories. Total Guitar also secures many exclusive interviews with guitarists from all kinds of genres and levels of playing, and has an in-depth features section.

Total Guitar April 2005 (#134) contents:

  • Riff of the month: Rooster – Come Get Some
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Mr. Crowley
  • Velvet Revolver – Dirty Little Thing
  • Boston – More Than A Feeling
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man
  • Babyshambles – Killamangiro
  • Elvis – Jailhouse Rock
  • Scissor Sisters – Take Your Mama
  • Green Day – Holiday
  • Guest lesson. Steve Morse – the Deep Purple axe-slingeris back with some more mind and finger bending chord picking and artificial harmonics for you to try out
  • Paul Gilbert school of shred. All you budding shredders sit up and take note. If you ever wanted to impress your mates at the local Battle of The Bands, this month’s Guest Lesson on minor licks will make you a guitar demi-god!
  • Snow Patrol – How To Be Dead
  • Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me
  • Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers – Free Fallin’
  • Legato playing
  • Simple Plan. Produced by Bob Rock, best buds with Blink-182 and rejected by kids TV…
  • Ozzy Osbourne. In this unique interview, Ozzy talks TG through all his guitarists and tells us why he’s looking for a new axeman
  • Zakk Wylde. Discover Zakk’s take on the rumour of his and Ozzy’s rift
  • Bernie Torme. Don’t know who he is? You should… he saved Ozzy’s career
  • Randy Rhoads. TG unearths Randy’s revealing first guitar-orientated interview
  • Dave Kushner. What’s it like playing with Slash, and со? There’s fighting, there’s Flamenco and there’s beer!
  • Mars Volta. You say you want a revolution… meet the prog leaders of 2005!
  • NAMM 2005 report
  • Maverick F-1 electric guitar
  • JJ Electra electric guitar
  • Ashbury GR5212 acoustic guitar


Text Format PDF, 102 pages. Original CD mp3 Tracks included.


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