Tommaso Zillio – How To Play Guitar Harmonics

Dec 13 2015

Tommaso Zillio – How To Play Guitar Harmonics

Wether you want to learn how to make your guitar squeal, or how to create beautiful harmonic arpeggios, or simply want to learn more about harmonics, this book will help you. You will learn about: Natural Harmonics; Position of Natural Harmonics; Artificial Harmonics; Pinch Harmonics; Tap Harmonics.
Tommaso is a prog rock/metal guitarist, composer, and teacher based in Edmonton, AB, Canada. Tommaso’s influences are very varied, expressing the love of music that transcends genera and instruments. Some of his favorite musicians are: Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, Joe Satriani.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 19 pages

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  1. Gardy /

    Why? The lessons are not so bad.

  2. proghog /

    I bet if you bought this book you’d have felt ripped off……

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