Todd Sucherman – Rock Drumming Masterclass

Jun 12 2022

Todd Sucherman – Rock Drumming Masterclass

Todd Sucherman Rock Drumming Masterclass. he Rock Drumming Masterclass is a 26-week online course with Todd Sucherman. Study with a rock legend and push yourself to become the best drummer you can possibly be in 2019 and beyond.
Each Monday of each week, for 26 weeks, you will get a new video lesson with hand-picked exercises and detailed instructions on what to practice (and for exactly how long).
Unlike a drum book or DVD, The Rock Drumming Masterclass is designed as an ongoing course with weekly exercises and cumulative improvements. Because of this, students will experience the best results if they’re able to progress along with the rest of the class.
Must-Know Rock Beats. Discover the straight rock beats that ALWAYS work — and that everyone should know — along with Todd’s advice for adding variations and texture within the grooves to make them your own.
Effective Drum Fills. The most effective rock drum fills are often much simpler than you’d think. Todd will share his toolkit of drum fills that EVERY rock drummer should be able to play like their life depended on it.
The Foundation Of Musicality. Todd will share the “Rosetta Stone of 2 & 4” so you can decipher ALL there is to play in 4/4 backbeat time — the foundation for becoming a musical drummer in a 20th century rock and roll context.
Bass Drum Combinations. You’ll get extensive bass and double bass drum ideas that you can apply to a variety of musical situations, from more creative drum fills to creative hand/foot combinations and ending songs effectively.
Expressive Drum Solos. Soloing gives you the opportunity to tell a story and make your own creative ideas come to life. Todd will give you the tools you need to orchestrate effective drum solos for a variety of musical situations.
Rhythmic Ear Training. Rock drumming is more than a learned motion. This course will help you train your ears to hear the patterns within the patterns — so you can explore your imagination for new rhythmic possibilities.
Better Hand Technique. Get Todd’s best insights for improving your hand technique and natural motions for more speed, power, and longevity — from holding your sticks to cymbal techniques for creating the sounds and patterns you want.
Utilizing Ghost Notes. Add more flavor to your drumming by exploring the ghost note possibilities that Todd utilizes in his own performances, whether it’s a flurry of audible notes or soft comments between the accents.
Drum Rudiment Orchestrations. Add the most effective rudiment orchestrations and variations to your arsenal, with exercises that will help you internalize the patterns and express them more effectively on the drum set.
Shuffles And Variations. Explore the most useful rock shuffles throughout history and the different ways you can play them predicated on the style, tempo, bass drum patterns, and hand patterns you choose.
Linear Drumming Grooves. Linear drumming is where no two sound sources play at the same time. You’ll dive into Gary Chaffee style linear drumming that uses a number system for creating your own ideas and figures.
Exploring Your Creativity. While you’ll explore the concepts that Todd uses in his own playing, you’ll be pushed to explore your own imagination and develop ideas that are uniquely YOURS (and have way more fun on the drums).


Language: English
Year: 2018
Running time: 8 hours
Quality: WEBRip
Video: AVC 1280×720 16:9 23.976fps 1819 kbps
Audio: AAC 48000Hz stereo 147 Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 10.17 Gb

Todd Sucherman - Rock Drumming Masterclass

Todd Sucherman – Rock Drumming Masterclass


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