Todd Sucherman – Methods & Mechanics

May 12 2020

Todd Sucherman – Methods & Mechanics

Todd Sucherman Methods & Mechanics for Useful Musical Drumming free download. Todd Sucherman brings the knowledge of thousands of gigs, shows and recording sessions along with over three decades as a professional drummer to this useful and unique DVD package. Astonishing technique, power and musicality explode from the various musical and solo performances throughout this presentation.
Working with artists over a myriad of genres diverse as Styx, Brian Wilson, Spinal Tap, Eric Marienthal, Peter Cetera, John Wetton, Steve Cole, The Falling Wallendas and countless more, there’s a wealth of knowledge imparted that goes way beyond just the technical aspects of drumming.
Methods and Mechanics is filled with practical career tips that will help you navigate through the music business as well as mental aspects and cerebral approaches to the art of playing music on the drums. Filmed in 16X9 in High Definition at a stunning location this DVD features music from Styx, Taylor Mills and Jerry Goodman and contains various solos and playing examples in an array of styles as well as technical lessons to enhance your rhythmic and musical vocabulary.
As a drummer, what would you pay to hang out for a day with one of the very best drummers in the world, where he would share with you the keys to becoming a better drummer and how to succeed in the music business?As a drummer, what would you pay to hang out for a day with one of the very best drummers in the world, where he would share with you the keys to becoming a better drummer and how to succeed in the music business? This DVD takes you on a five plus hour journey where you learn so much from Todd – from lessons, to demonstrations through solos and playing on songs that have been well chosen, to learning about his gear and why he uses what he uses, to advice on how to be successful as a professional drummer in the music business. His lessons cover the basic rudiments and hybrids and variations on them.
This DVD is way more than just a “Learn a few licks and technique tips” kind of video. It is truly one of the most inspiring drumming DVD’s for musicality, and for just plain… living.
The first disc of this DVD shows you exactly how they line up as Todd Sucherman (drummer for Chicago and Styx and other bands) goes through some dozen or so rudiments, shows how to play them, slows down the sticking, then translates them into grooves and fills and interesting ways to practice by playing with the tempo and accents and hybrids. The second disc gets into jazz drumming and includes Todd playing along with the music going. Also includes solos and descriptions of how to put them together.
He does a great job explaining and demonstrating how and why. For example, he does an excellent job demonstrating rudiments, hybrid rudiments, rudiments tied together with conjunctions – and then he shows you ways to apply them to the drum kit. But there’s a lot more than rudiments on this DVD. His insights are are truly (well) insightful.

Language: English
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Running time: 300 mins
Quality: DVD5
Video: MPEG2 720×480 (16:9) 29.97fps 8000Kbps
Audio: PCM 48000Hz stereo 1536Kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 1.85 Gb + 4.18 Gb

Todd Sucherman - Methods & Mechanics for Useful Musical Drumming

Todd Sucherman – Methods & Mechanics for Useful Musical Drumming

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