The John Gorka Guitar Collection

Nov 05 2020

The John Gorka Guitar Collection

The John Gorka Guitar Collection PDF. 21 songs from the albums ‘Out of the Valley,’ ‘Lord of the Bottom Line,’ ‘Jack’s Crows,’ ‘I Know,’ ‘Blue Chalk,’ and ‘Temporary Road’ complete with introduction and photos.
Share John’s pain, love, sadness, distanced his feelings and wonderment, objective observations, and beautiful expressions of his life as a boy growing up to see his fields covered by out of place real estate building on sacred grounds… Thank you John, you’re a treasure!

Songs include:

  • Armed with a broken heart
  • Blue Chalk
  • Blues Palace
  • Branching Out
  • Can you understand My Joy?
  • Flying Red Horse
  • Good Noise
  • The Gypsy Life
  • Heart upon demand
  • Houses in the fields
  • I Don’t Feel like a Train
  • I saw a stranger with your hair
  • If I Could Forget to Breathe
  • Land of the Bottom Line
  • Love is our Cross to bear
  • The sentinel
  • Silence
  • That’s how Legends Are Made
  • That’s why
  • When She Kisses Me
  • Where the Bottles Break


Format: PDF, 94 pages

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