Tara Lee – Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar

Mar 09 2022

Tara Lee – Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar

Tara Lee Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar PDF. Anyone can play the guitar. All it takes is basic knowledge and the will to practice!. Do you want to learn how to play the guitar? Have you tried to teach yourself but aren’t sure where to begin? Do you have the desire to teach yourself a new instrument? Search no further for your self-training manual. Take lessons directly from Tara Lee, a certified music teacher who has taught hundreds of students, just like you, how to play the guitar. Tara Lee has compiled years of lesson plans from the private lessons she has taught and condensed them into this comprehensive method book. Teaching yourself how to play is only difficult if you do not have the information available to you. Lee offers a wealth of information, including several photos to make her lessons easier to understand for visual learners. Complete with a section of songs to help guide your practice, detailed diagrams of the parts of the guitar, this book is all the beginner guitarist needs in order to begin a successful self-taught approach to learning the guitar.


Format: PDF, 47 pages


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