Steve Trovato – Ultimate Play-Along Guitar Trax Country

Aug 06 2022

Steve Trovato – Ultimate Play-Along Guitar Trax Country

Ultimate Play-Along Guitar Trax Country. Jam with Albert Lee, Jerry Donahue and Steve Trovato. The Ultimate Play-Along series places the aspiring guitarist with some of the finest musicians in the world. Ultimate Play-Along: Country includes ten hot country play-along trax, a live rhythm section, demo solos by monster guitarists, complete rhythm charts, and solo transcriptions with tab.
This is a quality, well-done play-along book with some of the best country guitarists there are. It has solos by Albert Lee, Jerry Donahue, Steve Trovato and others. Another great quality this book has is the wide range of styles it features. It has everything from fast playing to myriads of bends to slide guitar.
This book offers 11 solos by virtuoso country guitarists with widely different styles, and is a joy to listen to them play. Each solo has unique ideas to gain knowledge from, and each track has several minutes of rhythm section behind it to either jam away or to practice playing the transcribed solos by the pros, several times through if you desire to. If you are a beginner this will at the minimum give you some inspiration, but you can also practice the rhythm parts as well, and this book has some good diagrams and notes about each solo which will be helpful to all skill levels.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 82 pages

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  1. CarlosRI /

    Thanks, the songs sounds great

  2. sidguitar1 /

    exelente!!!!! demais, esse site e o bicho , show mesmo, congratulations :rockin:

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