Steve Trovato – Master Trax: Rock

Jul 18 2016

Steve Trovato – Master Trax: Rock

Ten burning rock tracks performed “live” in the studio complete with solo transcriptions in standard notation and tab, rhythm charts, suggested scale fingerings and detailed performance notes. Master Trax: Rock offers demo solos by GIT’s Nick Nolan and Paul Hanson, and features special guest soloist Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big. Don’t miss a chance.


  • Rifle shot
  • Two night Crew
  • Psychotoxic
  • Ten-Nine-0
  • Probable cause
  • A stones Throw
  • The Nerve Forest
  • Blue Moves
  • Owenopsis
  • Funfy business

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 73 pages

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  1. roberto /

    very nice book!

  2. momsua /

    very good performer on the guitar by faststrings. :rockin:

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