Steve Trovato – Master Trax: Rock

May 17 2022

Steve Trovato – Master Trax: Rock

Steve Trovato Master Trax Rock PDF. Ten burning rock tracks performed “live” in the studio complete with solo transcriptions in standard notation and tab, rhythm charts, suggested scale fingerings and detailed performance notes. Master Trax: Rock offers demo solos by GIT’s Nick Nolan and Paul Hanson, and features special guest soloist Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big. Don’t miss a chance.


  • Rifle shot
  • Two night Crew
  • Psychotoxic
  • Ten-Nine-0
  • Probable cause
  • A stones Throw
  • The Nerve Forest
  • Blue Moves
  • Owenopsis
  • Funfy business

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 73 pages

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  1. ockert /

    Thank you

  2. roberto /

    very nice book!

  3. momsua /

    very good performer on the guitar by faststrings. :rockin:

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