Stephan Richter – Progressive Complete Learn to Play Bass Manual

Mar 22 2015

Stephan Richter – Progressive Complete Learn to Play Bass Manual

Complete Teach Yourself Bass Manual is suitable for beginners as well as for bass players who want to improve their skills. No previous knowledge of bass guitar playing or music is required. All techniques and music theory are gradually introduced in a very easy clear way. During the course of this book, you will learn bass lines using all of the common note and rest values used in music, along with patterns and grooves used by the world’s best bass players.
A variety of styles and techniques are covered which are the foundation of today’s popular music including slapping and two handed tapping. The book also covers music theory as it applies to bass playing. Chord symbols are placed above some examples so that a guitarist or keyboard can play along with the bass.
This book is a staggeringly comprehensive introduction to the bass in all the usual styles – blues, rock, pop, funk, metal, etc. It takes you from the very beginnings to techniques like tapping and slapping, always focusing on the main role of the bass – to groove. Stephen Richter has written many bass books and his teaching style is clear, logical and rounded. An excellent book with all examples on 2 CDs.
Given the fact that there is a plethora of texts out there for bassists, it’s confusing to say the least, when trying to choose a text which will help the beginning to advanced bassist, enhance his craft. Being a bass guitarist is one thing; being a musician is another. Stephen Richter has managed to include everything you require to be the best bassist you can be. Given the time you put into practice, and studying the theory, you will end up being a bassist with groove, chops, and lots of ideas. There’s enough in this text to go back and review, ie. chord theory, arpeggios, styles, scales, and modes. As an introduction to the bass guitar, you can’t go wrong. With 2hrs per day, you could manage to get through this book within 3 months. The reading exercises are great and it will enhance your music vocabulary. If your goal is to be a professional bassist, join a band, go to music college, or even become a tutor, this is the text for you.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 209 pages

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