Stephan Richter – Progressive Blues Bass

Nov 10 2021

Stephan Richter – Progressive Blues Bass

Stephan Richter Progressive Blues Bass PDF. This book covers all the important aspects of Blues Bass playing, dealing with the most common Blues progressions, turnarounds, scales, riffs techniques in a variety of Blues styles. All examples are presented in both standard music and tablature. Also including a CD matching the lessons and exercises in the book.
This book is better for someone who has barely been playing at all who needs information not only on the very basics of blues music, but also someone who has never taken the time to learn how scales can be put to use in composing lines with the basic blues feel.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 64 pages

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  1. Kyin /

    How can i download for mp3 track?

  2. bass man /

    Merci pour ce book

  3. Bruno /

    Quero baixar tudo isso pra sempre é muito bom

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