Stefan Grossman – Novelty Guitar Instrumentals

Sep 06 2022

Stefan Grossman – Novelty Guitar Instrumentals

Stefan Grossman Novelty Guitar Instrumentals PDF. An enhanced CD featuring solo and duet guitar arrangements of old jazz, classic rags, blues and original compositions played by some of the finest fingerstyle guitarists. A 70 page tab/music PDF booklet is included on the CD. If you haven’t ever heard this type of music before, it might open up a whole new world to you. A guitarists dream!
The audio quality is as good as could be expected, based on when and how the guitar sessions were recorded (it’s still quite good, but varies because the tracks were recorded all over the world (Sweden, England, Canada, USA). Artists: Dick Fegy, Lasse Johansson, Claes Palmquist, Tim Nicolai, Bob Evans, Ton Van Bergeyk, David Laibman, Tony Marcus, Jim McLennan.

Songs include:

  • Bowery Buck
  • Cataract Rag
  • Circus Time
  • Sensation – A Rag
  • T.N.T.
  • Junk Man Rag
  • Colored Aristocracy
  • Bohemian Rag
  • By a Waterfall
  • Ragtime Nightingale
  • Dallas Rag
  • Plymouth House
  • Fizz Water
  • Harlem Rag
  • Joe Rag
  • Boys, My Money’s All Gone


Format: PDF + CD Audio tracks (Mp3). 13 pages


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