Stefan Grossman – Bottleneck Blues Guitar

Oct 07 2019

Stefan Grossman – Bottleneck Blues Guitar

Stefan Grossman Bottleneck Blues Guitar. This 82 minute dvd is a MUST for anyone interested in bottleneck blues guitar. It is a complete survey of country blues bottleneck styles and techniques featuring rare footage of Son House, Fred McDowell, Mance Lipscomb and Bukka White. Left hand playing techniques are discussed as well as choice of bottleneck/slide. Playing in Open G (Spanish) and Open D (Vestapol) tunings are explored.
Stefan Grossman has been devoted to blues guitar in every form since the early sixties and has probably delved more deeply into the form than just about anybody on the planet. As for this DVD, it is more toward the beginner side of a technique study but would serve any player who wants to clean up his slide act and get some insider views of older blues players. Stefan definitely has what could be called great “bedside manner” when it comes to teaching via this DVD. He is utterly friendly, clear, precise, simple in his approach and very charming to boot. It’s just a basic demonstration of some old standard blues songs, but they are so well done, so rich, so full of style and good sound.
He shows you how to hold the slide and how to maneuver it on the frets to get the right sound. This video also does not dumb down the material. He teaches good blues songs which once you master them you can take to open mics and play proudly. No ‘Polly Wally Doodle,’ here. The tab is completely accurate. It is not hard to learn to read tab although tab for slide is a bit trickier than regular tab because slide doesn’t have an exact stopping point. You have to use your ears. If you put the time into working with this video you will develop skill playing slide guitar very quickly. You have to put the time in every day. Neither this video nor any other can teach you anything if you don’t go over the material and play it often.

Titles include:

  • Banty Rooster
  • One Kind Favor
  • Someday Baby Blues
  • Roll And Tumble Blues
  • Can’t Be Satisfied
  • You Got To Move
  • Wake Up Mama
  • God Moves On The Water
  • Good Morning Little Schoolgirl and Whistlin’ Blues


Language: English
Year: 2004
Country: USA
Running time: 01:28:32
Quality: DVDRip
Video: DivX5 352×240 29.97fps
Audio: MP3 44100Hz stereo 192kbps
Booklet: Yes (PDF)
Size: 654 Mb

Stefan Grossman - Bottleneck Blues Guitar

Stefan Grossman – Bottleneck Blues Guitar

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    You guys ARE WAY TOO COOL!!Thanks for the download.Great video,just one question though…through out the video,he keeps talking about the PDF that comes with it but there is no PDF.Do you have a way for me to get ahold of the PDF? It would really help me alot. Thanks guys,always a pleasure to visit your site.

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