Sean Malone – Bass Method: Music Theory

May 28 2022

Sean Malone – Bass Method: Music Theory

Sean Malone Bass Method Music Theory PDF.  A Practical Easy to Use Guide for Bassists. Bass players of all levels will find a wealth of practical music knowledge in this special book and CD package. Acclaimed bassist and music theory professor Sean Malone will take you on a journey through the fascinating realm of the written language of music, using easy-to-understand terms and concepts, music examples, diagrams, and much more. The accompanying audio CD provides 96 tracks of examples, demonstrations, and play-alongs.
This is a very good book for those that already know a little bit about music theory, but want to specifically apply it to the bass guitar. The beginning is super simplistic and then seems to jump to much more advanced topics right away without much transition.
For those that already have some basic music theory knowledge and want to advance it as applied to the bass guitar, this is perfect.

Lessons include:

  • Properties of Sound
  • Fundamentals
  • Rhythm and Meter
  • Scales and Modes
  • Intervals
  • Keys
  • Chords
  • Bass Notation
  • Standard notation and Tablature

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3). 66 pages

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  1. moony38 /

    an amazing piece of work! are there more books like these that give you a better look into playing options?/technic/scales?

  2. bokite /

    Geniale a vous merci beaucoup

  3. bass1955 /

    Thanks for the great stuff to learn from

  4. zito /


  5. dimo mitev /

    My favorit bass player for ever. Amazing bass book. Sean Malone is may Idol

  6. heliab /

    Really good admin, thanks :-)

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