Scott Williams – The Funky Six

Dec 02 2021

Scott Williams – The Funky Six

Scott Williams The Funky Six PDF. Book provides a comprehensive method to develop the ability to play the funk shuffle and other jazz/funk/rock grooves that use a sextuplet (or 16th note triplet) feel. An understanding of these feels and the ability to play them well is an integral part of being a versatile contemporary player. The Funky Six is the perfect book for drummers who enjoy playing in the jazz/funk/rock genre, but are stuck in a “straight 16th note rut” and would like to feel more comfortable playing triplet-based rhythms.
This book contains basic exercises to create a strong foundation, and progresses methodically to give the student the independence and fluency to musically create his or her own rhythms.
Mastering any style of playing takes time and commitment. The material in this book is no exception, To become fluent with the feel of this material and the rhythmic ideas behind it is a learning process. It should be approached with patience and the understanding that results do not happen overnight. Plan on working on this material as a regular part of your practice schedule. With frequent practice and patience, you will find your ability and understanding of these patterns and ideas will deepen, and you will ultimately become quite comfortable playing them.

Format: PDF + Audio tracks (Mp3).

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